At Muizenberg Primary School we recognize the value of music in a child’s life, adding to their lives emotionally, mentally (stimulating the left and right side of the brain) and physically (fine motor co -ordination), thus forming an integral part of our arts and culture curriculum.  The Music Department consists of highly qualified and experienced teachers offering the highest standard of tuition. All classes receive music education once a week with the emphasis on music appreciation, basic understanding of rhythm, notes and musical style. Learners with a special interest in music can enrol for lessons in piano, violin. recorder, guitar, clarinet, drums and group drumming “drumsfromspace”.

Learners who receive lessons at muizenberg on orchestral instruments are required to play in the orchestra and string ensemble.  A large number of learners sing in the Junior and Senior Choir auditions take place for placement into the Choirs in the beginning of each year. Rehearsals for the Junior and Senior Choirs take place during the week in the morning. Rehearsals for the orchestra and string ensemble take place during the week on a Friday straight after school.

Learners are given are encouraged to perform as much as possible under the supervision of their teacher. They are given the opportunity to perform at the music evenings as well as school assemblies. Every learner who studies music is required to play in the music evenings irrespective of how long they have been taking music. This is a wonderful opportunity for each learner to share their talent with their peers and family and to get exposure to performing.


Music Department

Head of Music:    Mrs Ema Harper

To see the music teachers, please look at the Music Department on the Staff page.


Only pupils whose school fees are up to date at the end of each term will be able to participate in individual music lessons.
A full terms notice, in writing, is required for stopping music, or fees for the following term will be levied.