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Meet the staff

Mrs Meg Carter Part-Time Social Worker : Monday - Thursday

What we do

We offer short-term intervention and support to children at Muizenberg Junior School. Our work includes crisis counselling, weekly ‘check-in’s or monitoring of children, meeting with parents to discuss concerns, referrals to other professionals, training and guiding of peer counselors, running groups and supporting teachers. We may see some children on a casual, drop-in basis or have regular appointments with others who require support on an ongoing basis. Depending on the age of the children we work with, we make use of creative techniques as well as ‘talk’ therapy, with an overall focus on coping skills, searching for strengths and finding solutions. Through our work it is our desire that we provide the pupils of Muizenberg Junior School with holistic psychological care that equips and prepares them to cope and solve some of the difficulties that they face whilst transitioning through primary school.


We believe that you as a parent are such a vital part of your child's psychological development and general well-being. But we know that it can be tough. And so, as a means of partnering with you in parenting your child as best possible, we have posted a selection of useful resources below for your review. Keep an eye for when additional resources are added.

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Should you have any queries, suggestions or comments for us, please feel free to contact us via email.