Computers are offered to all learners from Grade R to Grade 7 at Muizenberg Junior School.
Classes are half a class at a time so that each learner has access to their own workstation.
The IT Curriculum is fully integrated with the CAPS curriculum. Learners are given opportunity to extend their curriculum knowledge with a host of educational programs. Pupils are also given exposure to many information processing programs, which will aid them in the ever changing 21st century landscape.

Our IT centers are kept up to date to allow our pupils the opportunities to work on computers that are in line with current technology.

To maintain these labs, we suggest that pupils become familiar with the following IT center rules:

Learners are to enter the IT Room quietly
No eating or drinking in the IT Centre
No computer settings may be tampered with, i.e. changing wallpapers, screensavers, desktop settings
Users must log off when they have completed their lessons
Mouse to be placed on its pad
Keyboards to be placed in front of monitors
Chairs must be pushed under tables when learners leave the IT Centre
When using the internet (www), learners are not allowed to access or download information or pictures from restricted sites
No foul or offensive language to be used when writing e-mails
Learners will be denied access to the IT Centre if they continuously break the above-mentioned rules

We appeal to parents to consider broadband connection at home.